“Green” Electrical Options for your Home

“Green” Electrical Options for your Home

With continuously rising prices in oil and electricity plus the damage we have already done to planet Earth with all the waste and pollution we release into the air and ground daily it is a good idea to try to add some “green” to your home. The word green in this context means ecologically friendly and responsible. It means finding ways to save electricity and gas in our homes and businesses.

There are many green options you can use in your home which will also help you reduce your bills. These options may seem expensive when first bought but as time goes on you will see that you have really saved money and helped to save the planet too. Ecological savings produce results in the long run, although you will notice results immediately on your bills.

A solar powered water heater is an excellent choice to begin with. Your water will be heated by the sun but stored in an electric heater to maintain the temperature. This electric heater will work less than one third of the time it would, if it was heating the water by itself. The power of the sun will be doing the heavy work, and the heater will do the light maintenance work. The system works perfectly and you will have the same amount of hot water for a fraction of the price.

Use wind or solar power to provide electricity to the lamps and ceiling fixtures you use the most in your home. The electricity provided by the sun or wind will be stored in battery banks which will feed your appliances during the night when you need them. These battery banks are designed according to the amount of electricity these appliances use so you will have no problem with your lights going off in the middle of the night. You will again be saving money on your electric bill and will have contributed to improving the environment.

Solar panels are available in many sizes and are capable of handling many different needs for electricity in homes or even buildings. It is true that the initial investment may feel a bit high but we assure you that the end results are significantly cheaper and extremely rewarding form you. The electricity and power produced by the sun is free and it will remain free. You can take as much as you need without paying for it. This is why it is a great alternative to electricity produced by man. It is clean and available forever.

A solar or wind generator requires a battery bank to store the energy after it is produced. The size of the battery bank needed at your home depends on your needs and the amount of appliances you have and use permanently. These battery banks do not require a lot of maintenance, they work like your car’s battery all you need to do is check the level of water in them once in a while.

Many other options are available for you especially if you live on a farm. Electricity is now produced successfully and continually from animal waste and plant waste. Water powered generators are also available if your property has a small stream or river running through it. It is important that everybody finds a way to save fuels, water and electricity. Every bit saved by you can be used y someone else who needs it too. Most electricity in the world is produced in hydroelectric dams that use water to move their turbines. When more electricity is needed, more water is passed through the turbines. This is water that is wasted instead of used for irrigation and home use. Do your part, help save a little electricity and water in your home, others will thank you for it.

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