Home Safety Electrical Tips

Home Safety Electrical Tips

Accidents happen all the time, anywhere. The home is not an exception and electrical accidents can happen there too. We have prepared a few tips which will help you prevent small electrical accidents that can happen in your home.

Electrical accidents usually happen because of neglect or damaged electrical equipment or because someone tries to use electrical equipments for something they are not designed to be used for.

When you have a toddler at home it is extremely important that all power outlets which are accessible to him or her are closed with special plastic covers that are sold in most hardware stores. These have two pieces of plastic that fit snuggly into the outlet takes and do not allow foreign objects to be introduced into them. Toddlers are curious and like to poke their fingers into things. It is extremely dangerous that a baby puts something into a power outlet. He may receive a shock that may render him unconscious.

Dogs and cats like to chew and bite things; the rubber covering electrical appliance wiring is especially attractive to them. If you have one of these, make sure you show him not to bite and chew electrical cords or he may learn the lesson the hard way. Be aware that any exposed wires on a cord damaged by your pet can also shock you when you touch these wires. It is a good idea to check on cords before turning on any electrical appliance that is within reach of your pet.

Broken outlet or switch covers are also hazardous; you or someone else may put a finger inside while trying to turn on the lights or plug something on the outlet and receive a shock. These shocks will not kill you because your circuit breaker will cut the electricity flow to it immediately but if you have a weak heart or other medical condition it may hurt you seriously.

Do not plug or unplug any electrical appliance while your feet or hands are wet. Water is electricity’s favorite conductor and you may hurt yourself. Refrain from using a hair dryer while standing above a wet sink in your bathroom, dropping the hair dryer in the wet sink may cause electrical shock too.

If you will be leaving your house alone for more than a few hours, turn all the circuit breakers off. Leave on only the one that operates your refrigerator and another to leave a light on, the rest must be off. This will prevent an accident from happening in your absence especially if you are leaving for a couple of days or more.

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