Aluminum Wiring Repairs

Aluminum Wiring Repairs

wiringDuring the winter and summer seasons, people overload their electrical systems with furnaces, AC units, attic fans, swimming pools and Spas. The increased power usage will bring existing problems to the surface. If your home has aluminum wire that has deteriorated over the years, you have a dangerous situation on your hands.

The United State Consumer Products Safety Commission estimates that aluminum wiring increases your chance of having electrical related fire by 55 times, over a home with copper wiring. Between the years 1965 and 1972, approximately 2 ½ million homes were constructed with aluminum wiring. (

Solid strand aluminum wiring causes the most concern, specifically when connected to lower voltage circuits such as light switches, outlets, and small appliances. The connections tend to corrode and resist the flow of electrical current. That resistance causes overheating and ultimately fire. Most homes have some aluminum wiring, but in the higher voltage wires that feed the major appliances, this problem is not present.

Signs of aluminum wire problems include outlet covers that are warm to the touch, flickering lights, a faint smell of burning wiring, and circuit breakers that consistently trip for no known reason. It is important to note that not all faulty aluminum wiring will present them so clearly. They will simply fail without warning, which means that you may have a fire on your hands without warning.

There are several corrections for the problem including rewiring the entire home. Another is a process that runs copper wiring along side of the aluminum wire, using specially designed sleeve, which acts as a cold weld. The repairs are affordable when compared to the cost of replacing a home that has burnt to the ground and a life’s worth of keepsakes.  Give Leo’s Electric Corp. a call and one of our licensed Master electricians will troubleshoot your entire system and give you a written estimate for the recommended repairs.

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