Cable/Network/Phone Outlets

Cable/Network/Phone Outlets

cableGone are the days of a few phone jacks and a cable wire pulled through a wall. Modern home offices and TV systems require integration. As a result, wiring cable, phone, and internet networks has become a specialized field. The problem is that a telephone technician is just that, a telephone technician. He is trained in his field of expertise. The cable person only knows cable.  Leo’s Electric Corp. is qualified to install and repair any type of wire, including TV, phone, and cable.

Many times homeowners make the mistake of paying a telephone technician to run an additional phone wire or a cable technician to run the cable and networking lines. These technicians won’t run wires through walls. They will leave wires exposed and unsightly.  Leo’s Electric Corp. will wire the proper way. Hiring an electrician is more efficient from a financial perspective.

Leo’s Electric Corp. offers our customers expert advice on the correct way to install each component. We also have knowledge of networking systems, which allows us to design with the big picture in mind.  Leo’s Electric Corp. considers your current needs and ensure that your system will grow as your needs grow down the road. The cable and telephone technician will complete the limited scope of the job and then come back as you need to expand your network. Each time you incur a service call fee and additional labor charges.  Leo’s Electric Corp. does the job right, the first time, thus eliminating the need to call for additional service every time you decide to add a new component.

One of Leo’s Electric specialties is a networking panel. The panel is typically installed in the master bedroom closet, and controls the TV, telephone, alarm, and Internet services in the home. The panel allows for easy troubleshooting if something goes wrong and makes for easy expansion in the future.

Give Leo’s Electric Corp. a call and let us move your home into the technological age!

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