GFCI Protected Circuits

GFCI Protected Circuits

What is a GFCI? A GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. I t is a special receptacle or breaker that provides protection from shock. A GFCI can sense when very low currents are leaking out of the circuit to the ground. When the GFCI senses the leakage the circuit trips so there is no energy coming from it. If the circuit is not de-energized, the electric will shock you when you touch it. GFCIs are easily identified by the test/reset buttons that are on them. They are usually found in kitchens, bathrooms, and garages.

GFCIs are required by electrical code in areas of the home where electricity and water may come into contact. The GFCI is many times wired into other outlets that are not GFCI protected. What this means is that when the GFCI trips the circuit, all the outlets will be non-operable. While these outlets are valued devices, they are known to fail. It is recommended that you should test your GFCIs monthly to ensure that they are still operating properly. A simple test is conduced by pressing the test button, while a light or other small appliance is plugged into it. After pressing the test button, the light should go off. When you push the reset button, the light should come back on. If this does not happen, give us a call to evaluate the problem.

If your GFCIs are tripping often, it indicates a larger problem. Our licensed electricians are highly skilled are troubleshooting these types of problems. Leo’s Electric Corp. can quickly identify the source of the problem and correct it for you. Without properly functioning GFCIs, your home is not protected from surges within these outlets.

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