Outlets and Switches Installed

Outlets and Switches Installed

outletsThe days of plain white switches are gone. Choosing to change your outlets and switches is now a major decision. In addition to the color, the new technology offers additional functionality and convenience. Likewise, choosing the wrong device will render some of your appliances unusable. For the layperson, learning about the options is a daunting task.

For example, there are duplex outlets for rounded plugs and Decora outlets for square plugs. The trend is to install Decora switches, dimmers, and outlets. In addition to providing consistent sized and shapes wall plates and openings, the Decora line offers options such as rocker switches which are easier to use for arthritis suffers.

In addition, residential devices can be 15A or 20A. It depends on how many appliances will be plugged in at one location and how much power they draw. Leo’s Electric Corp. is qualified to determine the correct devise based on the amperage.

Consulting with Leo’s Electric Corp. will enable you to consider all the options, right from the comfort of your own home. Replacing all of your switches and outlets is surprisingly affordable. Consider how much you will be willing to spend to have your plugs not fall out of the receptacles or not having to hunt for a working outlet.

Upon arrival, a Leo’s Electric technician will make a complete list of all the switches and outlets in your home. They will note the size, type, and location of each receptacle. The technician will explain the types of devices so you understand the different ones and their functionality. Finally, Leo’s Electric Corp. will complete the job quickly and it will be done right the first time. Replacing the switches and outlets in your home is like a mini facelift for your home.

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