About Us

About Us

LEO’S ELECTRIC provides customer service with that small town feel yet has the experience and quality workmanship of a national company. Customer service is a top priority as a result much of our business comes from referrals. Good customer service is more than just showing up on time. Customer service is the total experience dictated by the following factors.

EXPERIENCE: Not all electricians are the same. They have varying levels of experience and qualifications. There are Apprentices, Journeyman Electricians, and Master Electricians. Out of those three, only the Master Electrician is fully qualified to handle any electrical project. Only a licensed electrician is certified to understand the National Electrical Code that all homes are built according to. Employing the highest level of electricians ensures that LEO’S ELECTRIC is capable of doing any installation or service at your home or business.

QUALITY TECHNICIANS: All of the technicians at LEO’S ELECTRIC undergo a rigorous orientation, drug screening, and field observation before being sent on service calls. They have a good work ethic, wear clean uniforms, take off their shoes if you request, and clean up after themselves. They are polite and respectful of you and your property.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICE: We stock our technician’s trucks with a variety of parts and fittings. This means that they show up with the materials necessary to do your job. LEO’S ELECTRIC has a live customer service dispatch center that does not overbook the technicians. This means that we show up within the window provided and are respectful of your time.

CREDIBILITY: LEO’S ELECTRIC offers written estimates. This means that you will not have any surprises when the job is completed. If the scope of the job changes after we begin, the technician will inform you of the situation and revise the estimate in writing.

We have the experience, personnel, and materials ready to complete the job. LEO’S ELECTRIC is a professional operation, which you can count on for top-notch service every time.

To schedule an Appointment or Free Estimate call or email Leo’s Electric Corp. at (631) 287.2200

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