Ceiling Fans Installed

Ceiling Fans Installed

fansEveryone is going green. Energy saving appliances have been a consumer focus for years. With the great government energy rebates, purchasing new appliances not only reduce your electric bill, but also put money in your pocket!

No matter how efficient an air condition system is however, it uses a tremendous amount of energy during the summer months. Heating systems also use a substantial amount of energy as well. During the winter, ceiling fans circulate the hot air from your furnace throughout the room. This lowers you heating bill as the entire room is heated, just not the area by the heating duct. Ceiling fans are also recommended for any room in your home to circulate the cool air generated by your AC system. In the kitchen, they assist in removing food odors when cooking and cool down the room. In the bathroom, ceiling fan protects against the mold that is caused by stagnant moist are.

Ceiling fans can be controlled with a remote control so you don’t need to get up to change the setting. If you choose a ceiling fan that has lighting, we can install a three-way switch so you can turn just the light, just the fan, or both at the same time. Some people have ceiling fans throughout their home, but they are not large enough to be effective. Ceiling fans now come in various blade sizes so that you can increase the airflow and cover a larger area. The larger the blade, the more airflow is created.

If you are considering replacing your existing fan or installing a completely new one, give Leo’s Electric Corp. a call. We replace old and denigrated wiring and install a new switch. This ensures that the wiring will last as long as your new fan. You can have piece of mind knowing that the installation was done correctly.

To schedule a Ceiling Fan Installation today call or email
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