Residential Indoor Lighting

Residential Indoor Lighting

Upgrading and installing lighting to your property is an investment that will aesthetically make your home more appealing and offer both safety and security. Indoor lighting can turn a large cold room into a warm and inviting place of refuge. Halogen lighting allows you to display works of art or designer focal points in the home. The new designs and options in lighting provide unlimited options of color and function.

Outside your home lighting can accentuate landscaping deigns and architectural features. Outdoor decks and patio areas become an extension of your home when they are usable in the evening through outdoor lighting. Most importantly, outdoor lighting offers safety and security. Motion detected flood lighting can instantly light up areas that present a security risk to your property. Landscaping lighting uses photovoltaic cells that automatically turn them on at dusk and off at dawn. Finally, homeowners are responsible for the safety of people on their property. If your driveway and walkway is poorly lit and a visitor falls on your property, you are responsible for their injuries. Installing motion sensor outdoor lighting insures that your visitors will be safe when on your property. Give Leo’s Electric Corp. a call to discuss the lighting options for your property.

Leo’s Electric Corp. will run the proper outdoor connections, which will ensure that you not only have more light, but that it is also installed safely. Upgrading lighting is a very affordable project that can be done is small pieces or all at once. Our licensed master electricians are up to date with the latest lighting technology and the options available to homeowners.

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