Addition & Remodeling

Addition & Remodeling

RemodelWith the economic downturn and the real estate boom, people are deciding to remodel their home instead of trading up to a better one. Remodeling your home is a great way to change your surroundings and take advantage of the latest technology and appliances on the market. A remodel can be as simple as upgrading all the appliances in the home or adding a room.

Most people make the mistake of purchasing the appliances without a plan of installation. The result is disappointment as the homeowner learns that outlets need to be upgraded, moved, or the circuit panel will not handle the electrical load. Typically, there is a restocking fee on major appliances so returning them is not desirable. Calling Leo’s Electric Corp. prior to your purchase will eliminate these surprises. We will give you all of your options so you can make your appliance choice based on what you want, not on what will work in your home.

If you are doing a full remodel, Leo’s Electric Corp. is the electrical contractor of choice for the electrical design and installation. Home additions and remodels require a team approach and coordination between the electrical contractor, plumbing contractor, general construction contractor, and building inspectors. Our electrical contractors ensure that your job is out top priority and we become members of the total project team to accomplish that goal.

Leo’s Electric Corp. will ensure that your budget is aligned with your expectations and the job comes in on time and within budget. We begin with understanding your goals, wants, and needs. We consider aesthetics and functionality. Ultimately, the remodel should increase the value of your home and enable you to enjoy the time you spend there as well. Give Leo’s Electric Corp. a call to discuss our electrical design and installation services. You will be glad that you did.

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